Repurposing, the Essence of Mixed Media in My Studio

I found a different project for those wood strips my husband gave me.

A tray and ribbons and beads

A tray and ribbons and beads

The tray is from a tea set which was repurposed for a raffle basket. The tray didn’t quite fit. “Self,” I said, “didn’t you plan to weave those strips with something? Well, now you can weave them into something.”

This work is still in the draft stage. I have all sorts of embellishments that I could incorporate into a mixed media piece rather than attach to a quilt.

Lani Longshore embellishements

I also had another idea of using those leather scraps.

Leather and beads

Leather and beads

This scrap looked like one thing when I auditioned the beads on it, but in the the picture it looks like an egret. I may run with that idea, I may not. It will have to sit for now, because this week I am helping Ann Anastasio and Gale Oppenheim-Pietrzak with Art Quilt Santa Fe, featuring the talented Betty Busby. Talk about being in the right place for inspiration! Put Art Quilt Santa Fe on your list of retreats to attend next year.

Luck and wisdom!

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4 Responses to “Repurposing, the Essence of Mixed Media in My Studio”

  1. marlenedotterer Says:

    So speaking of repurposing: our bed sheets are beginning to shred. Time to buy more, but what can I do with the old sheets?

  2. Moongazer Says:

    Are those little agate monkeys I see there? They are seriously cute!

  3. Lani Longshore Says:

    Marlene, check with your local Humane Society – shelters usually love old sheets and blankets for the kennels. Moongazer, I think the agate beads are supposed to be flowers, but I first saw them with the arms on the bottom and thought they were octopi. Monkeys work, too!

  4. timetowritenow Says:

    I like the egret.

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