Easter candy – it is more dangerous than Christmas or Halloween candy because it comes in chocolate and pretty colors. I thought nothing could tempt me more until I read about Ariel Segall. When she was at MIT she founded the Laboratory for Chocolate Science, a student club. When she graduated, she started a part-time chocolate business, Dark Matter Chocolate Laboratory. She makes chocolate Daleks, people. Then I remembered The Chocolate Vault, which doesn’t make chocolate Dahleks, but you can get a chocolate submarine on a stick.

I’m not a candy maker, but I do collect candy fabric. This stack is waiting for piecing inspiration.

Lani Longshore chocoate fabric

In the meantime, I made a small landscape quilt inspired by a pendant.

Lani Longshore landscape

I have several other large beads, pendants and assorted embellishments that might be useful for landscapes, so this may be a new series for me (to add to all the others I hope to finish in my copious free time).

Luck and wisdom!

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6 Responses to “Chocolate”

  1. Moongazer Says:

    Have you ever heard of Chockywockydooda? It a shop in Brighton in the UK and they make *the* most amazing cakes with chocolate. Your post just made me think you might appreciate their creativity…. .and their chocolate of course 😀

    • Lani Longshore Says:

      Oh, mercy! I just looked at the website. If I’m ever in the UK, this place is definitely on the list to see.

      • Moongazer Says:

        They actually have their own TV series kind of like Cake Boss. My youngest is into baking so she loves these shows. She’s also hinting at a chockywockydooda wedding cake for her big day. Eek!! She and her fiance have crested geckos could it could be an interesting cake lol

  2. Maya Says:

    I am so glad I gave up eating chocolate! 🙂
    The landscape is beautiful; I love how you’ve carried the colours from the pendant out into the piece.

  3. segmation Says:

    Love your use of chocolate! Your work is so colorful as well! Thanks for sharing!

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