What My Brain Sees

Artists see things that other people don’t (writers, too). Okay, so everyone knows that. What I don’t know is why my brain sees what it does.

It is dandelion season. I have to add at least five minutes to my departure time so I can dead-head the dandelions in the yard and take the remains to the greenwaste bin. I haven’t had five extra minutes lately, so I’ve been leaving dandelion flowers at the base of the gingko tree.

Lani Longshore dandelion altar

It looks like an altar to some long-forgotten suburban goddess, or it did until I looked at the ash root coming through the lawn.

Lani Longshore ash root

The root reminded me of a hand. I looked at the collection of dandelion flowers and saw not an altar but a jumbled jewelry box. So I decorated the root.

Lani Longshore ringed root

I suspect if the neighbors notice they won’t ask, and I don’t speak squirrel or crow so I won’t be bothered by their opinions.

Since the bathroom remodel is still underway, I am still beading the same piece. This week I added color.

Lani Longshore turquoise beads

There was a bead show last weekend. I do not need one more bead, but that never stopped me buying more fabric and it certainly didn’t stop me buying more beads. I found some cool filigree elephant pendants, and added one to the piece.

Lani Longshore elephant pendant

Luck and wisdom!

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11 Responses to “What My Brain Sees”

  1. Elaine Schmitz Says:

    Especially loved the had with the dandelion ring. And it reminds me of our SF excursion and the pattern you noticed on the building across from my heroine’s office.

  2. Violet Carr Moore Says:

    The hand of nature at work with a little help from you.

  3. Moongazer Says:

    It is like a hand!! How cool is that?! And I love that you decorated it with dandelions πŸ˜€
    Is it really possible to ever have enough beads (or fabric)? πŸ˜›
    Besides, you need sonething to keep your sanity while the bathroom is being done ((hugs))

    • Lani Longshore Says:

      I have been treating myself once a week during construction – first with fabric, then a book, this week with beads. I finally admitted that my first line of defense against stress is retail therapy, so to keep some semblance of a budget (and avoid buying a boatload of stuff I don’t really want) I’m training myself to stop with two treats (with only one it is too hard to decide, and that just adds stress). I used the same technique when my kids where little and I had to take them with me to the grocery store. I called it the bribery school of parenting.

  4. marlenedotterer Says:

    I love that ring. That root is definitely a hand.

  5. creaturecomfortquilts Says:

    You are sooo funny! Great writing and observational skills. You put into words what I can only see/think abstractly. This made me smile!

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