It’s funny how easy it is to put up barriers – to creativity, to acceptance, to progress. In this case, the barrier is to my sewing room.

Not exactly the door to the clean room

Not exactly the door to the clean room

We’re not talking the Great Wall of China. This isn’t crime scene tape or a picket line, this is a piece of plastic tarp, kindly put up by the remodeling crew, to keep dust out of my sewing room. Still and all, I have not been able to cross this line.

Part of my reluctance is due to the condition of the room.

The chaos, the chaos

The chaos, the chaos

I had to move some stuff for the guys to get access to the attic crawl space. Now I have to put it back to get access to my work space. I sorted enough stuff to reach my sewing machine, but there is still a barrier in my head to face. Once I quiet my inner kindergartner (the one who wants to follow all the rules), I’ll get back to being creative. In the meantime, I’ve been sewing on strings of beads.
Lani Longshore beading project
                                                          Luck and wisdom!

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2 Responses to “Barriers”

  1. bobbiekinkead Says:

    Hi, Lani, I’m following your blog. Good-luck, I have also started one. Is quite a process.

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