Smother With Beads

The Challenge meeting came and went. I showed my beaded project with its Challenge name, and now I have no qualms about changing its title and focus. Not that I have another title – or real focus – but I do have a mandate, and that is to smother this critter with beads.

The project in progress

The project in progress

My beading skills are still developing, and I can’t always produce a perfectly straight line. The good news is, I have a boatload of beads. The better news is, the more beads you put on, the more likely the viewer will think you meant to do what you did. When one motif is isolated, the viewer might wonder why. When you’ve encrusted a piece, the viewer just tries to keep up.

Lani Longshore beaded leaf

Luck and wisdom!

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4 Responses to “Smother With Beads”

  1. jkroyce Says:

    Extraordinary. Of your many beautiful projects, I think this is my favorite.

  2. Elaine Schmitz Says:

    I love the piece – both dramatic and graceful. I applaud your effort with beads. They are beyond my patience and eyesight.

  3. Ann A. Says:

    Nothing says “Lani” like encrustations!!

  4. Moongazer Says:

    I love that 🙂

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