I pulled out a collection of fabric that was sorta kinda maybe meant for a specific project. That is, I knew the emotion I wanted to evoke but had no clue how I was going to start (much less finish) the quilt. Even worse, I added to the collection – over a number of years – on speculation. Without checking what I already had in the tote bag, I would blithely throw another piece of fabric in it. I hoped against hope that they would all play well together when I finally got around to making something.

The spec collection

The spec collection

There’s a whole lot of “I don’t think so” going on here. About the only thing I can say with confidence is that I have the backing, mainly because I have at least two yards of this stuff.

It's pretty and I have enough of it - a backing it is

It’s pretty and I have enough of it – a backing it is

I’m really hoping this piece makes its way onto the front, and doesn’t get relegated to label status.

Lani Longshore people fabric

Luck and wisdom!


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2 Responses to “Speculation”

  1. Quilt Musings Says:

    Oh, interesting collection! I hope you find a way to make the quilt you are envisioning.

    • Lani Longshore Says:

      I’m going to try a small piece using the Harriss spiral. The article in the Guardian showed the sections, which looked like a quilt block to me. If it works, I’ll definitely post a picture. If it doesn’t, I still might post a picture for the amusement value.

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