The Year To Come – Holes To Fill

Rather than make resolutions, since I often break them, I plan projects for the new year. In the year to come, my project will be filling holes.

The space was empty for about three minutes

The space was empty for about three minutes

I already started by stacking batting and pillow forms in the space formerly taken up with fabric I bought to recreate the light show from a Crosby, Stills and Nash concert.

Bring on the tie-dye

Bring on the tie-dye

FYI, you know you’re a quilter when you spend more time analyzing the light patterns and figuring out how to piece them than you do listening to the music. You also know you’re a quilter when you collect the fabric for the quilt and then it sits so long you forget when it was you went to that concert. Perhaps I’ll remember in the coming year. The next Challenge Group project is about the color of music, so out came the tote. The empty space was perfect for the batting and pillow forms, and thus my new year project came into focus.

I did make one little resolution – to dream more, and dream bigger. Here’s the tiny piece of art I made to remind me.

Take time to dream

Take time to dream

Here’s hoping 2015 is a wonderful year for us all.

Luck and wisdom!

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One Response to “The Year To Come – Holes To Fill”

  1. Lindsay Pavel Says:

    Happy New Year, Lani! I love your idea of resolving to do something you are already doing. It’s a recipe for success!

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