Return of the Forgotten Things

I went through the two small drawers in my sewing table, and discovered they are magic. When I’ve opened them in the past, they presented a collection of straight pins, sewing machine feet, screwdrivers, and the occasional hidden candy bar. When I started taking things out, however, I discovered a cache of items I lost so long ago I forgot I had them.

Lani Longshore scissors

There are scissors in some of my project bags, scissors with a project I’m working on in the family room, and scissors next to the sewing machine. Now these two little critters show up, and I have no idea when I got them. Nor do I have any idea when I acquired two boxes of replacement cutter blades. I never can find them when the need arises.

Lani Longshore needles

The same with needles – I’ve been nursing my favorite hand quilting needle because I thought it was the last one. Where were these two months ago? In the drawer, obviously, but covered by what cloak of invisibility? I can understand one package of needles hiding in the far corner of the drawer, but half a dozen?

The good news is I’m not the only one discovering forgotten things. My mother was looking for wrapping paper, and discovered a stash of Christmas fabric instead. She says it is part of the collection I gave her a few years ago when she wanted to make Christmas totes. She decided to cut a large enough square for the gifts and tie it with a gold ribbon. Some people send fruitcakes back and forth – Mom and I send fabric.

Lani Longshore Christmas fabric

I opened one of the presents early – the decoration package. My mom makes ornaments every year for us. This year it is a free-standing ornament, and the first decoration I put on display.

Thank you, Mom!

Thank you, Mom!

Luck and wisdom!

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3 Responses to “Return of the Forgotten Things”

  1. Violet Carr Moore Says:

    Fabric gift bags-the ultimate green for those of us in Alameda County, California. You can cut them into small stockings and stuff with extra scissors and needles for your crafting friends ready for next Christmas. Leave a map on the fridge to show where they’re hibernating.

  2. Lani Longshore Says:

    Oh, that’s a great idea – especially the part about the map!

  3. Moongazer Says:

    My daughter says the dust bunnies hide things, then give them back when they redecorate šŸ˜€

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