The Hijacked Journey

I should have known better – never give the universe a chance to have too much fun at your expense. The planned blog for this week was about another version of my Challenge letter project – a journey quilt. That journey got hijacked, big time.

Lani Longshore journey quilt

This is the end of the process – the destination, if you will – and I had planned to show you how I got here. You may notice the last part of the saying “it’s the journey, not the destination” in this photo. You may hear the universe laughing right about now. That’s because the photos of the journey got munched in their own little transporter accident. While moving the photos from one device to another, they were scrambled forever.

So I picked up another path, using my grandmother’s embroidered squares to make pillows. I have enough squares to make a pillow each for my brother and cousins.

Lani Longshore embroidered pillow

Lani Longshore pillow

Lani Longshore large pillow

My grandmother bound many of her quilts with prairie points. I’m using them as a design element, mainly because I could never make a long string of prairie points lie flat and straight. Three is my maximum, and even then there is much swearing and gnashing of teeth.

And in another journey/plot twist, the gnashing and naughty words are getting me a new sewing machine. My Viking is a grand little work horse, but it is old – twenty years old. Lately it has been skipping stitches, and the bobbin pops off the spindle if I look at it funny. My husband said the waves of frustration rolling out of the sewing room are too much to bear, and my birthday present is a new machine. He even found a link to a site evaluating the ten best sewing machines for quilters.

Honestly, I did not have a meltdown on purpose (but I’m still accepting the gift!).

Luck and wisdom!

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7 Responses to “The Hijacked Journey”

  1. Violet Carr Moore Says:

    Lani, I’ve owned the same Pfaff sewing machine for half my lifetime. I’ve traded serious sewing for writing, so the machine stays hidden in my closet except for brief appearances for hemming or repairs. The new Viking machines tempt me to return to my sewing craft, even at the torture of monthly payments. Happy stitching!

    • Lani Longshore Says:

      There are still some decent machines at reasonable prices, but I understand the desire to stick with what you know (and the reluctance to cut into writing time no matter how enjoyable the activity).

  2. Thea McC Says:

    I love my Bernina 440, but would not get a 550… some of the new machines cost more than my first house!

  3. Moongazer Says:

    Oh how I envy you clever people who can sew! It is not one of my strong points. In fact I wrote an entire blog post about my misadventure with a sewing machine a few years ago. I might have to re-post it. It might give you a giggle.

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