In A Safe Place, Or Abandoned?

The new Challenge is an alphabet project. I drew the letter ‘J’ and so my quilt will be based on a ‘J’ word. Funny how all the ‘J’ words disappeared from my head as soon as I drew my card. I had to sit down with a dictionary and pad of paper. I came up with a few ideas, then realized I already had the perfect project.

Notes to self

Notes to self

Years ago I bought fabric and paints for a jazz-themed quilt that would feature a stylized woman’s head. I looked at that collection a long time before I admitted that my drawing skills weren’t up to the task. Then I put the bag away. In a safe place.

I didn’t have the moral fortitude to take apart the entire sewing room looking for that bag. The best I could manage was to poke at the bags within reach. No luck. “Self,” I said, “pull up your big girl britches and look again.”

This time I tackled a pile of “lightning” fabric – stuff I thought would go in a project I might do soon if lightning struck and the perfect project revealed itself. Some of the pile went into other project bags, but most of it turned out to be more pink fabric (one of these days I really have to stop buying pink fabric because as I keep telling myself I am not a pink person).

Pink fabric in a pink crate - but I'm really not a pink person

Pink fabric in a pink crate – but I’m really not a pink person

The jazz fabric still eluded me. In desperation born of the horrible memory of letting the project go, I looked in the neutral drawer. Tucked in the corner was a remnant that sorta kinda maybe reminded me of the background fabric I wanted to paint.

Base fabric for the jazz project

Base fabric for the jazz project

So the question is, will I find the original jazz project materials in a safe place, or did I abandon it?

Luck and wisdom!

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