Small Quilts, Large(ish) Stash

The Challenge project for this month commemorates the 200th anniversary of The Star-Spangled Banner, and includes a size requirement – at least 42″ on a side. “Self,” I said, “if you make the project a little larger you can turn it into a Quilt of Valor donation. You have too large a stash to make only small quilts.” Turns out, there’s a reason I make small quilts.

One more border, then backing and quilting

One more border, then backing and quilting

Large quilts are a pain in the patoot. And the shoulders, and the arms and hands. Slinging around long strips, cleaning off the ironing board to press the thing properly – yowza! I much prefer the elegantly tiny postcard quilt my friend Thea McCurry sent me.

Thea McCurry's creation

Thea McCurry’s creation

However, thanks to the excellent taste of the quilt store owners in my area, I have a lot of fabric to go through.

The purple drawer

The purple drawer

So, do I make myself a dozen more tote bags, blanket the country with postcard quilts, or stop my whining and make a few more large quilts to give away?

Luck and wisdom!

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2 Responses to “Small Quilts, Large(ish) Stash”

  1. Irenee Riter Says:

    Lani, I really did enjoy perusing your sweet words and works. Creativity all over the place and comforting cozy parts that address that place in our hearts. Sending love’s blessings at this Christmas time. Happy New Year in 2015.

    Irenee Riter

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