The Empty Nest and the Shell Game


My husband decided to trust the reality of our empty nest. I never intended to keep the kids’ rooms as shrines, but given the uncertainty of the economy it didn’t make sense to turn that space into something else, only to have to redecorate for a boomerang year or two. My husband persuaded me that the baby birds really do have nests of their own this time, so we put some exercise equipment in one room.

I decided I might enjoy using the exercise equipment a lot more if I listened to music during the sessions. I once thought it would be fun to have music in the sewing room, but it turns out I prefer silence when I’m creating. This week I moved the CDs and player upstairs and recovered five feet of shelf space in the sewing room. Here’s what it looks like now.

Really, I had 5 linear feet of open space - briefly

Really, I had 5 linear feet of open space – briefly

Yes, I know, I can’t tell any difference, either. It seems that moving the piles from the floor to the shelf is like taking a batt out of the bag. It expands to fill all available space.

Still, I can now see the bins and baskets that were stuffed under the shelves.

I almost remembered what was in those baskets

I almost remembered what was in those baskets

I also have a staging area where the CD player and overflow music collection once lived.

Supplies for 3 projects

Supplies for 3 projects

This is where I’ll put the project under construction and the next one in the queue. I’m still at the shell game stage in my tidying efforts – even after all these years – but if I can keep the stacks on the cutting table down to a minimum that will be victory enough for now.

Luck and wisdom!


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3 Responses to “The Empty Nest and the Shell Game”

  1. lucyannluna Says:

    I’ve got to go tidying tomorrow! Where does all the stuff come from?? And yes how come it expands to fit the available space. It always a pleasure to find a forgotten project or a miss layed piece.

    • Lani Longshore Says:

      I tell people all the extra stuff in the sewing room comes from pixies.

      • lucyannluna Says:

        Great, I once told my mothering law that I was worried about the entropy (heat death) of the universe , I’m a physicist, if things become ordered they add to they decay of the universe . She just nodded ( with her mouth open) next time I will use pixies.

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