I am a lousy gardener – blackest thumbs on either side of the Mississippi. If it weren’t for my husband, our yard would look like the before picture in an article about urban blight. Luckily, I am a fiber artist. I can embroider flowers, like these daffodils.


Lani Longshore unpainted daffodils


They looked a little too delicate. I brought out the paints.


Sometimes we all need a little enhancement

Sometimes we all need a little enhancement


While the box was open, I made a label for a quilt that had been waiting patiently for its identification.


Lani Longshore quilt label


These two projects barely took up any space or stuff, so the sewing room tidiness project didn’t benefit at all. In fact, I needed to make room for something new.


Lani Longshore dream catcher


My friend Sarah Ryan found this dream catcher on one of her travels. She had never seen one with purple feathers. It may not be traditional, but it has my name all over it. Perhaps with this lovely piece hanging in the room, my dream of a clean, organized work space will come true.




Luck and wisdom



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2 Responses to “Daffodils”

  1. marlenedotterer Says:

    A good way to have lovely flowers! BTW, our yard DOES look like urban blight. We are the bane of the neighborhood.

  2. segmation Says:

    What beautiful and colorful daffodils! Thanks for sharing.

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