Rescuing The Past

Sometimes, the universe responds more quickly than you might expect. Last week I announced that I would look at other art forms to explore. This week, I had a chance to do that while rescuing an artifact from my family history.


Lani Longshore red glass


These are the remains of a small red glass that my grandmother – so the story is told – brought back with her from Germany in the 1920s. She was there as part of a delegation of Doukhobors seeking to restore a connection with their co-religionists in Russia who remained when the community was given an opportunity to escape to Canada in the late 1800s. The Bolsheviks would not let them into the country – Germany was as far east as they could go. The glass went to my mother after my grandmother died. My mother sent it to me, but it broke in transit.


I decided to see if I could put it back together. My first stop was Art Glass Studio in Livermore. The owner is a wonderful resource, and generous with her knowledge.  We decided on a solution and a back-up. I would try to glue the pieces together, but with glitter around the edges. The cracks were going to show anyway, so why not add a bit of sparkle to make a statement?


Celebrate your cracks - they make you unique

Celebrate your cracks – they make you unique


She gave me good instructions on which glue to use, and reminded me to hold the pieces together with painter’s tape while they dried.


Lani Longshore glass drying


It worked.


A new family treasure

A new family treasure


The inside

The inside

The back-up solution was to crunch the glass a little more and make a mosaic out of it. I don’t need to do that with this piece, but I’m thinking I would like to learn how to make glass mosaics anyway. Another trip to the Art Glass Studio – this time to sign up for a class – is in my future.


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