Lost Things

We lost the power cords to our kitchen appliances. I cleaned out an overstuffed drawer a month ago, and my husband and I agreed that the power cords needed to live someplace else. We’ve forgotten where that someplace else is. I remember the conversation we had about the importance of finding a logical storage site. That’s as far as the little gray cells will take me. This weekend we’re going to go through the kitchen, top to bottom. I shudder to think of the lost things we will find.


My kitchen workspace

My kitchen workspace


One of the reasons we have open shelves in our kitchen is that I am well aware of my tendency to forget what I can’t see. As with my fabric stash, I’ve bought more than one tin of cocoa powder because I couldn’t remember seeing another one in the cabinet. Don’t even ask about my baking soda collection.


The cabinet under the cutting board

The cabinet under the cutting board


There are baking pans and microwave dishes hiding in this cabinet that I haven’t thought about in years. I put them here when I didn’t worry so much about bending and twisting.


The worse part is, I’m going to have to part with the rediscovered/lost things that I know I’ll never use again. I promised that if the kids don’t want the item and I can’t justify keeping it for a special recipe, it goes away.


All of that is making me more determined to use the embellishments in my sewing room as I find them, whether the project calls for those specific items or not. The quilt Mars Via California needed more stuff on it, so I pulled everything I could reach that remotely matched the colors.


Mars Via California - my roadtrip quilt

Mars Via California – my road trip quilt


When I watched television in the evening, I stitched down beads.


Mars detail

Mars detail


If I give all my new projects this treatment, I might just use up what I have in a decade or two.





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