Art and Guilt

My daughter walked into the sewing room just as I tossed some scraps of yellow fabric into the trash bin. “You aren’t letting those go to waste, are you?” she asked. I thought I detected a note of glee in her voice, since she’s heard those words from me often enough over the years. I showed her four bins of scraps. She just said, “Wasteful.” She was grinning when she left the room.


Although I left the scraps in the trash that night, the next morning I fished them out. They were pretty yellows, and deserved a better fate than the landfill. I found a backing and let guilt inspire art.


Lani Longshore art and guilt backing


I decided to make a small piece with only a few other yellow scraps from one of my bins. I used Pellon Decor instead of batting so that I could use my hot glue gun to attach some yellow beads that deserved a better fate than living in my bead box. I knew I would never use them if I had to sew them on, because most of them were odd shapes meant for jewelry, not quilts.


Lani Longshore art and guilt button


Yes, the top bead isn’t an odd shape, but the one in the lower left corner is, and don’t get me started on the string of beads in the lower right corner.


Since the solstice is nearly here, and the fabric was yellow, the piece is based on the theme of sunshine.


Sunshine for a Winter Day

Sunshine for a Winter Day


Sometimes guilt can be a great motivator.



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5 Responses to “Art and Guilt”

  1. Violet Carr Moore Says:

    Your guilt+yellow scraps+motivation brightened my day.

  2. jkroyce Says:

    What did your daughter say after you retrieved the scraps and created art?

  3. Patricia Bacon Says:

    Lani…How well I know “scrap distress”, so to keep the guilt level down I have boxes and now some drawers of scraps and fabric. So now I’m guilty of saving too much. I’m exploring quilt patterns that utilize “large” squares. All I need is the time to sew or I will be appearing in the TV show “Hoarders”.

    • Lani Longshore Says:

      I think “Hoarders” should do a show on those of us who just need more time to finish our projects – maybe then our friends and family will insist we take the time to sew!

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