When I was a kid, my father took up photography. One of his favorite subjects was trees, especially dead trees. I found out later that his mother also loved trees, so it shouldn’t be a surprise that I love trees. My tree fabric collection takes up an entire bin, and it is time to make some quilts.


While I have a collection of books and photos of trees, I noticed that the specimens in my neighborhood are pretty darn interesting. On Thanksgiving, I went out with my camera and came home with nearly fifty pictures from my six-block walk. My favorite shot is one you will never see in your basic tree identification pamphlet, because it is a grouping that nature never intended.


Lani Longshore palm tree


Yes, the quintessential California grove – evergreen, deciduous and palm growing together.


My tree quilt marathon will start early next year, once the holiday hoopla is cleared away. For the moment, I’m making up my own cross-stitch trees.


Lani Longshore tree cross-stitch


I leave you with a photo of fun with recycled trees – a playing card turkey made with a Skallops junior pack.


Lani Longshore playing card turkey



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2 Responses to “Trees”

  1. jkroyce Says:

    I expected to see at least one Christmas tree in a blog posted in December, and titled, Trees. Maybe it’s because I put ours up and realized that the joyous tree-decorating event is a myth. No one wants to help put it up, they just want to see it when it’s up! Ah, well, that job is done for this year. Enjoy your holidays whatever flavor you celebrate.

    • Lani Longshore Says:

      You know, I didn’t even consider the Christmas tree angle! The rest of the family took me off Christmas tree duty, because the ones I picked out were deemed too small. One day in December a pine or a fir magically appears in the living room – all I have to do is vacuum up the fallen needles.

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