The Accidental Halloween

The Christmas project schedule is progressing so well I forgot that Halloween comes first. I nearly tripped over the bag of Halloween fabric, which is how I remembered. Those goblins don’t like to be overlooked.


My Halloween collection tucked in a tote

My Halloween collection tucked in a tote


While unpacking my collection, I realized that I haven’t made anything with it because I don’t want to cut it up.


Too cute to cut

Too cute to cut


When I have a creative problem that is turning into a fur ball, I try solving it by the Wandering Method. Amble aimlessly about the house and see what leaps out at you. Usually what leaps out at me is the box of cookies I tried hiding on the shelf, but this time I was lucky. First, I noticed my collection of picture frames.


Lani Longshore picture frames


Then I noticed my collection of Halloween flowers, feathers and stuff on sticks.


The little arrangement that grew

The little arrangement that grew


For the past few years, I’ve decorated the table with a small Halloween- or harvest-themed centerpiece. I folded the small centerpiece into a larger floral arrangement in the living room when it was time to decorate for Christmas. As you can see, that arrangement is spreading out from its vase like the monster that ate Cleveland. “Self,” I said, “it is time to do something different.”


Lani Longshore Halloween decoration


This is only a prototype of a fabric collage. I wanted to see how much space I really have between the back and the frame. The next step will be to experiment with wrapping the back with fabric and placing other fabrics and embellishments only in the area that clears the edges of the frame. While I would prefer to use the glass to protect the piece, it is designed to go over a photograph, not a three-dimensional collage. Of course, I could try gluing things to the glass to get a floating effect . . .


Excuse me, but I think it is time to wander around the house again, this time in costume –






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4 Responses to “The Accidental Halloween”

  1. jkroyce Says:

    As always, your humor and creativity make your musings a joy to read. Happy Halloween.

  2. kkarenkas Says:

    Hi Lani

    I love reading your blog. It always makes me smile. Didn’t know that u too are a member of the “Lets wander around to figure it out club.” :)). From sunny Doha where the weather outside has now cooled to a mere 90 or 94 degrees. Cheers to all in the friendship group.


    Sent from my iPhone

  3. Carol G Says:

    Even if you didn’t let the cookies distract you, I’m sure you got lots of nice candy with your cool mask 🙂

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