Thank Heavens For Little Bins

We had a four-day party at our house last weekend. Between the Scottish Games, family and friends, there wasn’t a dull moment. The best part was I could completely enjoy the celebrations because I turned my studio into a guest room.


The floor! The floor!

The floor! The floor!


True, a cot in the sewing room doesn’t rival the Hilton, but considering all the stuff I had to move around, I was thrilled to recover as much space as I did. Thank heavens for little bins, and totes, and hampers. After a week of sorting, consolidating and tossing, I had some things squirrled away.


Bins in the corner of my bedroom

Bins in the corner of my bedroom


Two days before company arrived, this is what I faced:


Lani Longshore totes


I also found a never-used collapsible clothes hamper that I bought for one of the kids heading off to college (I won’t comment on why the child didn’t bring it along).


A great place to put piles of fabric

A great place to put piles of fabric


My husband gave me dispensation to bring the stuff out to the garage for the duration of the visit.


Colonizing the garage

Colonizing the garage


I have to bring everything back, and the sooner the better, but at least I’ve had one sort out. If I’m clever (and my husband is patient about reclaiming his garage space), I’ll bring in one bag, tote, or bin at a time and put the contents where it belongs, not where it fits. If I’m clever . . .



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2 Responses to “Thank Heavens For Little Bins”

  1. jkroyce Says:

    There has never been any doubt you are clever. The question will be how you decide to marshal your time.

    • Lani Longshore Says:

      When I imagine myself trying to marshal my time, I see an old West stand-off, with Time sneering, “We don’t need no stinkin’ badges.”

      Lani Longshore Death By Chenille ( When Chenille Is Not Enough(,, Lani Longshore’s Blog (

      Broken Dishes Repertory Theatre (


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