Sometimes, the great forces that shape the universe like to tell me that I’m driving the highway of life in a clown car. Last week I wrote about collecting, aka hoarding. This week I unpacked a box that has traveled nearly 5000 miles with my parents’ possessions over the last fifty years. The box had my name on it, although I don’t know if I packed it or my mother did. There were many forgotten treasures from my life in that box. And then I found this:


Lani Longshore doll clothes


I don’t remember sewing doll clothes. Ever. My mother made doll clothes for my collection. Perhaps she tried to entice me to learn to sew those itsy-bitsy things myself. I certainly don’t remember preparing multiple pattern pieces.


Lani Longshore doll clothes pattern pieces


Although the memory cells devoted to this period in my life have obviously taken an extended vacation, I do recognize my own handwriting on the box, and my way of marking small pieces for hand sewing.

Lani Longshore doll clothes


Some things in life really are constants. I guess hoarding is a constant in mine.

Lani Longshore doll clothes



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3 Responses to “Self-Discovery”

  1. jkroyce Says:

    It isn’t hoarding. It’s just being smart enough to know if you throw something away, the next day you’ll need it.

    • Lani Longshore Says:

      I’ve told myself that, too, but in this case I have to wonder. If I haven’t needed the doll clothes in 50 years, I don’t think I’ll need them tomorrow!

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  2. Carol G Says:

    Your post brings back fond memories. I still have my Betsy McCall doll (although her head need reattaching) and a nice collection of clothes my mother made.

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