Catch Up

Some days the little catch-up jobs take all my attention. Despite my best efforts to ignore them, comes a time when they block my path like a herd of linebackers. That’s what happened this week. One of those tasks concerned photos of quilts made in my prison class, and I thought I would share them.




Margaret Misegades and I teach the class, but we also get help from other members of Amador Valley Quilters who donate fabric to the program, cut kits for the inmates to sew, quilt and bind the tops and backs, and get those quilts to Community Quilts for distribution to local organizations. These photos were taken by Cathy Lacer.


Lori Vogel's house blocks

Lori Vogel’s house blocks


This quilt began with orphan blocks donated by Lori Vogel. The inmates completed the top in one class and the back in another.



From Cathy and Vera


This is a quilt made from kits that Cathy and Vera Pierce cut.



From Linda’s pattern


This quilt started with a pattern that Linda Ballou wrote up for me. Both she and Rose Seay have made many kits for the class, and have been a source of great ideas for easy patterns.


Like all the really worthwhile activities in my life, the prison class would be impossible without the help of my friends at Amador Valley Quilters. I don’t know that I thank them enough for all they do for me, so I’m glad my catch-up job gave me another opportunity to say how grateful I am.





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4 Responses to “Catch Up”

  1. Margaret Misegades Says:

    Absolutely–couldn’t do it without all the backup!

  2. Cathy Lacer Says:

    Lani, it is so fun to learn from you and you are always so spot on with your “thank you’s.” I need to thank you for taking on a trainee. You have such an amazing sense of humor! Keep up the great job and we will keep cutting an taking those pictures. It is an amazing program and I am so happy I can do abit!

  3. jkroyce Says:

    Lani, I’d love an entire post on teaching your prison class. How many people in the class, what the class offers, how you started doing it.

    • Lani Longshore Says:

      Thanks for the suggestion. I’ve mentioned a few things about the program, but haven’t given credit to all the people who got it started.

      Lani Longshore Death By Chenille ( When Chenille Is Not Enough(,, Lani Longshore’s Blog (

      Broken Dishes Repertory Theatre (


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