Sometimes you just need to do something for yourself

I am a quilter, which means I have tote bags – tote bags I’ve made, tote bags I’ve bought, tote bags I’ve acquired as gifts or give-aways. You know this, because I’ve said it before. Still, came the day last week when I needed a little pick-me-up and chocolate wasn’t an option. That left making myself another tote bag.



Here’s what I started with:


fabrics for tote bag



While I haven’t consciously been collecting gray fabrics, I discovered I have quite a stash of them. They go together well, and started begging for a project of their own. I really was planning to make a quilt, but then I found a fabulous jacquard that threw itself at me in the store. I knew it would make a wonderful tote bag.


tote bag panel


I also found some left-over black piping and square black handles. These two items suggested solutions to my least favorite parts of making bags – including something fun in a utilitarian project that won’t get a second glance from most people, and finishing off the top of the bag without going nuts. I used the Soft and Stable product from my fabric vases, which gives the bag a lovely shape and is easy to sew.


gray tote bag black handles


The good news is I’ve reduced the size of my gray stack, and used up some things I’d bought on speculation long ago as well as left-over products. The bad news is my family is wise to my tote bag addiction, but that’s a worry for another day. I can have chocolate today, so life is good.




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2 Responses to “Sometimes you just need to do something for yourself”

  1. Carol G Says:

    Love the fabrics! I’m in a quilting slump. Maybe I should consider making a tote 🙂

  2. marlenedotterer Says:

    Very pretty! It should hold lots of chocolate, too.

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