The challenge project this time is glass. I thought about the fabric I have that looks like glass, wondered if I could find it, and only then thought about what I would do. My sewing room is stuffed with wonderful fabrics, and notes about projects for those wonderful fabrics. They are all in safe places – safe even from me.

The fabric fairies were kind to me, and I unearthed a few pieces that fit with my evolving plans. The first piece was one I had planned to make into a fabric postcard (my friend TheaM does beautiful cards). It was quilted and bound, but not embellished. In the right light, it looked like a pane of glass at sunrise. I thought about what happens to panes of glass, and decided it would look fabulous with a bullet hole.

fabric bullet hole

Since I’ve never actually seen a bullet hole in a pane of glass, this may just be a 4″ x 6″ piece of pink lame with open work.

The next thing I wanted to make was a glass house. I thought about frosted glass blocks, and what they would look like from the outside and the inside. This is what I started with:


Well-rounded glass bricks

Well-rounded glass bricks

I figured if you were inside you would see landscaping, so here’s my panoramic view:

fabric glass house interior

The loops of ribbon are to anchor future embellishments.

The roof was a puzzle, until I noticed a square of screening and decided my glass house would be part of a hothouse:

fabric glass house

There may be beads in the future for each of these projects, but that’s going to have to go on the to-do list for another day.




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One Response to “Glass”

  1. quiltfever Says:

    Too cute, bullet hole and all!

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