The Fallacy of Spring Cleaning, Or No, I Won’t Give This Up

The hyacinths are blooming:


The pink hyacinth

The pink hyacinth



The yellow hyacinth

The yellow hyacinth

These flowers tell me spring really is coming soon. Their fresh scent and delicate petals inspire me to clear away the dusty bits of winter projects and prepare the way for a new start. At least, they did until we planted a red oak with a crafter’s heart. Here is what most trees look like about now:


My naked oak

My naked oak

This is what my red oak looks like:


The leaves of winter

The leaves of winter


I can almost hear it growling, “No, I’m not going to get rid of my leaves. I may need them!” I feel its pain. Here are a couple of bags of trim I have yet to discard:

ribbon bits

In my head, I know that these fragments aren’t enough to do anything with. In my heart, they are treasures. In my head, I know more trims are waiting for me, just like new leaves are waiting for the oak. In my heart, these old trims are real and the new ones aren’t quite (and won’t be until I go to the store).

So, I’m compromising. No, I’m not throwing out my collection of ribbon snippets, but I am making more fabric containers, this time a keycatcher for the nightstand (for keys and rings and other things a traveler might have) :


A place to put things

A place to put things

Who knows – one of those ribbon snippets might be perfect for these little things.


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3 Responses to “The Fallacy of Spring Cleaning, Or No, I Won’t Give This Up”

  1. Carol G Says:

    You make the cutest little creations. Never throw away those snippets. They are not taking up much space 🙂 and if you purged them, you would likely need them the next week.

  2. TheaM Says:

    love your key catcher! those little ribbon snippets are great for embellishing postcards and bookmarks… just sayin’!

  3. TheaM Says:

    btw – I am missing those flowers in March – my early tulips are up about 3″ but not anywhere near blooming yet – and they are under the 8″ of snow we got yesterday!

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