I finally made it into the sewing room to work on fabric sculpture. Vases, boxes and bowls were first on the list. My last attempts were successful, and I was feeling confident. Cue the irony gods laughing. This is what I wanted to replicate in fabric:

short round vase

This is what I started with:

fabric collection

This is what emerged from the sewing machine:


Oy. The moral of the story is confidence will only take you so far. Tomorrow I’ll start again with a different approach, and I’ll sew until I get the shape I want. As for the failed experiment, I’ll keep it around and play with it. Who knows what it might turn into with the right beads – or combination of scissor snips?

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3 Responses to “Experiment”

  1. marlenedotterer Says:

    Hang on to… *tilts head sideways* … to whatever that is that came out of your machine. Like writing, you never know when the things you deleted will come in handy!

  2. Carol G Says:

    I think that shape is going to be hard to replicate in fabric unless you use a “coil pot” construction method. Then again, you are quite the inventive seamstress. Will be standing by for the next experiment.

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