Add Feathers

The Challenge Group project is “It’s for the birds.” Around this time of year, that is my opinion of life, the universe and everything. My diet is for the birds, my exercise program is for the birds, my to-do list is for the birds. Even a hummingbird couldn’t keep up with all the things I have written down, so how can I? The answer is obvious – item by item. I started with the bird challenge.

Luckily for me, the Challenge Group encourages a loose interpretation of any assignment, so I focused on feathers. I had already added some piping to the bit of screening I discovered on the sewing table. It was a simple matter to turn that into a vase. The final step – add feathers.

The base vase, with piping

The base vase, with piping

Feathering my vase

Feathering my vase

A feathery finish

A feathery finish

Now, if only I could use “add feathers” as the answer to all my problems.

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3 Responses to “Add Feathers”

  1. Carol G Says:

    Your philosophical comments always give me a giggle! Vase is really cool too.

  2. jkroyce Says:

    Cool feathers. What kind of bird donated them to your project?

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