The Last of the Livermore Coffee

“I just finished the last of the Livermore coffee. I guess it’s time to go home,” my mother said on the morning she flew back East. Since she was flying into Hurricane Sandy, I was even less happy about her leaving than I normally am. The flight went well, Sandy didn’t cause much damage in her part of Maryland, and we’re already planning next year’s visit. That’s the good news.

The interesting news is the thought train her joking comment produced. No one here drinks coffee, so I only buy it when my mother comes to visit (we have a coffee maker just for her – it lives in the garage 50 weeks out of the year). Buying the right amount of coffee to last her entire trip is a fun challenge, which I usually lose. The same is true of fabric buying – do you get only enough for the project at hand, or do you buy extra? If I buy exactly what I think I’ll need that guarantees I will miscalculate, mis-measure, and mis-sew. If I buy more, the project will come together perfectly and I’ll discover I don’t like the fabric at home nearly as much as I did in the store.

I also thought about the emotional reaction I have when a sentence starts, “This is the last of . . . .” There will be tears shed when I have to say, “This is the last of the Halloween candy.” I don’t always have that reaction to the last of a fabric, no matter how much I loved it. There are times, however, when the last of a certain fabric sends me into a tizzy. I have strips and squares on the side of my batting wall, the last bits of fabric I adored and can’t seem to let go.

Here is the vase I made with (almost) the last of the fabric Mom and I used for the box:

Mom loved it, but had already stuffed her suitcase and carry-on bag. This may end up in her Christmas box.

I haven’t had much time to do anything in the sewing room, except make it even messier (yes, that is possible – difficult, but possible). Today being Halloween, there’s no chance I’ll get to those precariously stacked piles. This is my project for the day:

Waiting to be carved

With both the kids home, I bought a pumpkin for each of them and one for me. Some traditions are too much fun to let go.

I leave you with another tradition that I know my husband wishes I would give up – birds in the centerpiece (and the fuzzy pictures to document them):

A fuzzy Halloween bird for you!

[insert bird here]

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8 Responses to “The Last of the Livermore Coffee”

  1. Elaine Schmitz Says:

    I envy you for your children living back at home. That hasn’t happened to me for years and never will. The most I can hope for is every four years at least 3 of the 4 children, their spouses, and usually 7 of the 8 grandchildren spend Christmas with us. Not quite the same, but precious none-the-less. Have a happy Halloween. Hope to see results of the pumpkin carving in your next blog.

    • Lani Longshore Says:

      I took some pictures, but I think the kids took better ones. While I do like having the kids home, I’ll be happier when they’re employed. If anyone has a couple of extra jobs at hand, let me know!

  2. carol g Says:

    Love that vase. I’m sure mom will be happy to see it at her house.

  3. jkroyce Says:

    Lani, I say buy twice the amount of coffee you think your mother will drink as a sign that you want her to stay longer. I, too, worried about a mother and the rampage of Sandy, but my mom called this morning and said the waves on Lake Huron have returned to safe heights, the long ships are passing her home again, and two bluebirds perched at her feeder. All good things.
    The vase is beautiful.

  4. bertcollections Says:

    When I started quilting I tried to buy Only as much fabric as one project needed…and kept ending up short, mIscalculating etc as you describe. Now I try to buy half a metre/yard or more when I buy anything as I now know I will use it somewhere (although most of my quilts are 45-50″ square or queen size so that uses plenty of fabric). I love finding a favorite fabric and trying to remember how many quilts
    it has made its way into 😄

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