My to-do list has many items yet to be crossed off, but I am smiling all the same. The Challenge Group meeting was yesterday and my projects were finished. Even better, this project was for charity so I don’t have to find a place in the house to put them.

The assignment was presented by Shari Wentz, whose husband Don is the photographer for a group of doctors and dentists affiliated with Alliance for Smiles. Every year Don’s Rotary Club auctions items from around the world to raise money to fund another trip overseas to fix cleft palates for children and adults in developing countries who cannot afford the surgery. While Don was with a group in Cameroon, he brought back fabric for Shari, who gave it to us to use:


Shari and her quilt



Janet and her clutch purse


Jan and her table runner


Dorothy’s pillow and wall-hanging

These are only some of the items. We all agreed that if the auction were open to the public we would probably be bidding on them ourselves, but that isn’t the case. All the same, we also agreed this was a great assignment. Who knows, we might be making more items for charity in the future – and this time we’ll make sure we can bid on them.


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2 Responses to “Smiles”

  1. TheaM Says:

    beautiful items for the fundraiser – love the purse and table runner!
    nice going!

  2. quiltfever Says:

    Love the Cameroon fabrics and all the wonderful creations your group made for such a great cause.

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