Art of the Western Part of Livermore

The desire to make art won out over the desire to tidy my art-making space. It started with the Challenge project:

The interior of the bowl – African fabric

The exterior – not African fabric

Then I realized it will need some embellishing to turn seams into features:

The dart makes the bowl curve, but needs beads

So I started on another project with the leftovers:

The box worked well, so I tried a vase:

The pattern called for a square or round base, but I wanted to try something different:

I went back to square containers, but used cityscape fabric:

These might become holders for notepads and pens, or they might become something else. I can see creating an entire city out of these, and peopling it with toy soldiers on the battlements, little goats and horses grazing in the open spaces . . .

Maybe I should think about cleaning up again.

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2 Responses to “Art of the Western Part of Livermore”

  1. quiltfever Says:

    No, no, never clean when you are on a creative roll like this. Love the vase and the cityscape containers.

  2. jkroyce Says:

    Cleaning up your piles is so much more interesting than my cleaning projects.

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