The Year So Far

In case you forgot, my year starts with Labor Day. The year so far is three days old, so don’t laugh at my prideful happy dance. After weeks of accomplishing basically nothing, I managed to get something done. I don’t even mind that what I finished wasn’t on my to-do list.

Making something from this was on my to-do list.

Fabric from Africa

This is the fabric from the latest Challenge project. We’re to make something lovely from it, which will go to an auction to raise money for Alliance for Smiles (and thank you, Shari Wentz, for coming up with the idea).

I’ve been wanting to make fabric vases ever since I received some of Lori Vogel’s treasures when she moved:

There are some great ideas in Linda Johansen‘s book Fast, Fun & Easy Fabric Vases, and I was ready to do my usual leap feet-first into a project. Then I noticed a scrap of pre-quilted fabric and some left-over piping.

“Self,” I said, “the technique for these vases requires an awful lot of satin stitching. Why don’t you practice on something else before you cut into the fabric you can’t replace?”

I started by making a cuff and inserting piping, and I’m glad I did. My long absence from sewing did not improve my skills, and trying to get the cuff and piping straight was more interesting than you might imagine.

Once I relearned straight stitching, I started satin stitching the seams:

My original plan was to make a round base and sew the top to that. I decided that would be more fun than I wanted right then, so I used the quilter’s go-to technique for making a tote bottom.

The vase-cum-lidless box stands on its own, although I suspect I will need to insert a base (or maybe a soup can) if I want to stand pencils or tools or even silk flowers in it. But that is a project for another day.

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2 Responses to “The Year So Far”

  1. quiltfever Says:

    Congrats on the propitious start of your “new year.”

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