Idle Hands No More

I love visiting quilt stores when I’m on vacation. Not only do I get to see what quilters in other parts of the country are doing, I browse through the entire store and get a chance to see what I might be overlooking in my store at home.

This time my eye fell on cross-stitch kits. The first one I saw came with all the materials necessary to make a key chain, which I happen to need because my current one has too many out-of-date keys (which is a kind way of saying keys to locks that are no longer functioning):


I finished the stitching in the time between breakfast and the morning activities at the family reunion, to do something useful while still being prepared to leap in the car. The kit came with everything except a bit of fabric to back the Aida cloth.

I also bought a beaded ornament kit:


and started it at the airport:

This kit came with two needles – one for embroidery, one for beading – but I didn’t quite reach the beading point before it was time to board the plane. If I had reached that point, I would have been able to try out this:


Tacky Bob is a little smaller than a CD case, has a foam rubber base, and a thin layer of tacky glue on the inside. The idea is to spread your beads out, nestle the case securely on whatever surface is available, and bead with confidence. I have no idea whether it really works, or if the glue will gum up the needle, or if the seed beads will have their itsy-bitsy holes clogged – and I don’t care. Any company that will name its product Tacky Bob and still expect to make a profit is OK by me.



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