Sneaking Up On A Tipping Point

You might remember my button blog. I have lots of buttons, including many space ship buttons. Last week I showed you one quilt with space ship buttons. Here is another in the series. Oddly enough, this one also started with a gift from Ann Anastasio that she might not have intended.

Ann and I belonged to the same friendship groups. This cityscape went through both of them, and Ann still couldn’t find a suitable way to finish it. The piece started as a Challenge project to create an urban landscape. Ann made the buildings. It fit the assignment, but not much else. So she used the it as a beginning for a Progressive Party project. I remember working on it (I put in the gray sidewalk and brown cityscape fabric).

Then it sat for a long time. I unearthed it from a bin of fabric she gave me when she moved, and decided to make it another space invasion quilt. I found suitable border fabrics –

then bound it and started sewing on buttons.

Since it is an invasion quilt, I used lots of space ship buttons.

I found an alien head pendant that may or may not glow in the dark in my collection of treasures.

The reason I am so excited about this quilt is that I only used what was closest to hand. I even pieced the batt for it, because I had several scraps of essentially the same weight batting in a stack that I could reach. When I tidy up the leftover bits, I will have shaved something off the top of three separate piles. Since my frontal assaults haven’t been as successful as you might think, I decided I would try a different approach. If I keep making projects with what’s at hand, I might just be able to sneak up on a tipping point where I can consolidate three stacks into one bin (or tote bag). This might not be the sort of war strategy they teach at West Point, but it has chance of working for me.




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2 Responses to “Sneaking Up On A Tipping Point”

  1. quiltfever Says:

    Your assortment never ceases to amaze me–you even have an alien head pendant at the ready!! And it does appear it should glow in the dark.

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