This is how it starts

You buy a new sweater. It comes with extra buttons. You put them in a safe place. Time passes, you give the sweater away. You still have the buttons.

Your favorite shirt is to too old to wear, but too soft to give away. You use it to polish the silver, but first you cut off the buttons.

Before you know it, you have a button collection.

Sometimes you find a use for the buttons.

Sometimes you find a place to hide them.

Before you know it, the button collection has you. My button collection has me around the throat, but I’m fighting back. I have an idea for a series of quilts that will use a fair few of my buttons. With any luck, I’ll have something to show next week.



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5 Responses to “This is how it starts”

  1. quiltfever Says:

    Looking forward to seeing your button quilts. My mom bought a cute decorative jar for hers. I gave a huge bag of mine to Salvation Army and two weeks later needed them for some tab curtains. I even went back to see if they were for sale but of course you know the answer to that!

  2. Sort It Canada Says:

    Here are a couple of cute (and easy) button crafts you may like 🙂

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