Breathing Space

The week came and went, and so did I. I went into the sewing room and tidied up one pile every day. It didn’t matter how small the pile was in the beginning as long as it was gone by the end. This is what I gained:

By sorting and consolidating fabrics for my prison program, then shifting the bins from one place to another, I carved out a little breathing space in the corner. There is still fabric in both upstairs bedrooms, the downstairs bedroom, under the piano and in the garage, but I can get to the fabric in the sewing room so I’ll be able to use it in kits more easily. That will make it easier to swap out empty(ish) bins from the sewing room with full bins from other places.

Along with the sorting of fabrics, I also forced myself to cut the scraps. I hate cutting scraps almost as much as I hate sorting socks. That means I delay the chore as long as possible, and that is why the stack of cut squares looks like this:

Last of all, I said goodbye to an old friend.

I have used this tote bag to haul patterns and kits to my prison quilting class for nearly twenty years. It is one of the first tote bags I ever made. I had always thought we would retire together, but age is catching up with both of us:

While there are plenty of products (most resembling spackling compounds) available to hide my fraying edges, this situation is terminal. I sent the bag to tote bag heaven and brought out another from my near-inexhaustible supply. The new bag is bigger, stronger, and will be of great use but I’ll always remember the original fondly. In the end, I hope that I am remembered equally as fondly when I go to tote bag heaven.

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One Response to “Breathing Space”

  1. quiltfever Says:

    Sounds like quite an accomplishment and a plan going forward. Sorry you had to retire your old friend and hope you can pull out a new one that serves you as well. Just remember, it may need a little time to get broken in 🙂

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