A Quilter On The Road

Since this column falls on a Leap Year, I decided to write about something out of my usual frame of reference. That, and I was visiting friends and saw oh, so many new things, some of which will inspire new quilts.

This is Sally Rees, her son Miles, and me in front of a space marine figure at Games Workshop.

Sally and Miles are as at home here as Sally and I used to be in quilt shops. If you have kids, you know how they shape your life (the reason I hold a black belt in karate is that my son watched Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles when he was six). Miles developed an interest in collecting and painting the figures used in strategy games, and Sally discovered collecting and painting the figures appealed to her creative side.

This is the figure she painted for me:

This is a dwarf, one of the cutest little soldiers around. And I do mean little –

Painting a 1″ miniature and piecing a 3″ miniature? I can see the connection.

We spent a morning at Games Workshop celebrating the 25th anniversary of one of their game lines – Warhammer 4000, I believe. People filed in and registered, sort of like for a quilt workshop. They brought boxes and totes and cases of materials, like for a quilt workshop. They sat at well-constructed tables and worked on their figures, showed off their successes, asked for advice when things went wrong, traded tools and tips, speculated on the next project – you get the idea. Of course, quilters don’t arrange their quilts on tables and use them in mock battles – unless we’re talking about a judged quilt show with a really cool prize for first place.

Anyway, I came away from Games Workshop with a strong affinity for these gamesters. I understand their devotion to the craft, their pride in technique, and the family-like bonds that develop among them. I also thought some of their embellishments would look terrific on a quilt, especially the brass leaves set, and I suspect I could make some interesting quilt stencils from the plastic discs meant to go on spaceship models.

I also saw a way quilting could intersect with this hobby when I noticed the banners hanging in the game room. Many had some amazing images, which could have been enhanced with a simple pieced border. I mentioned this to Sally, because she hand-dyes fabric.

She does sell her hand-dyed fabrics, although she doesn’t have a web presence yet. If any of you are interested she could let you know what she has in stock or even dye more. Send me your e-mail and I’ll get you in touch with her.

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One Response to “A Quilter On The Road”

  1. TheaM Says:

    wow – Miles is all grown up!!!
    Tell Sally hello for me!

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