But Where to Put It?

Many months ago I cleared off a bit of space on a shelf. I was very proud of myself, and hoped to find a nice little CD player to go there. But I didn’t. The space was filled with something else, and I forgot about the plan.

My husband didn’t. He has been digitizing all of our old tapes – the kids’ recitals, old audio letters that had made their way back to us, a tape of our wedding music. That job is finished, and the machine he was using – our daughter’s old music monster – is now up for grabs. He brought it down and said it was mine if I wanted it.

Well, I do want it. I would very much like to hear music again when I’m working. The problem is, where to put it? Here is what happened to the space that had been cleared out:

This is what the other side of the room looks like:

I barely know where to put myself when I go into the sewing room, much less a new piece of hardware. I guess I need to admit that I’ve been doing less cleaning and more hoarding. And once I manage that, I’ll go on that diet I’ve been meaning to start.


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5 Responses to “But Where to Put It?”

  1. quiltfever Says:

    You can join me on my diet. I have decided for 2012, each quilt I start–including backing and binding–must come from my stash. It has been fun so far but one border almost sent me to the store. You will see blog updates soon. You will be surprised what wonderful fabric combinations you already have on hand!

    • Lani Longshore Says:

      I haven’t gone as far as my friend Sue, who vowed not to buy anything for a year until she worked her stash down, but I may have to. Generally, I do find backings and bindings from my collection – it’s making the time to complete the project that’s killing me!

      Lani Longshore https://lanilongshore.wordpress.com Death By Chenille (www.smashwords.com) Broken Dishes Repertory Theatre (www.brokendishesrepertorytheatre.com)

  2. Sort It Canada Says:

    You may realize as you go through your belongings that you no longer want/need some of them. Feel free to give them to another good home šŸ™‚ If they sit around too long, sometimes things can deteriorate, and then they’re no good to anybody. Start on one shelf, then blog about it! I want to hear more šŸ™‚

    • Lani Longshore Says:

      Part of my current collection of piles stems from other people doing that to me! In fairness to them, the women were moving and had strict limitations on what they could bring along to the new place. In fairness to me, I have given away about half of what I received. Now I have to make time to finish the projects that the half I kept inspired so I can get down to the stuff on the shelf that is mine – but shouldn’t be anymore.

  3. Sort It Canada Says:

    Good luck! I always tell people that if they give it to someone else, they need to emphasize that that person shouldn’t feel obligated to keep it. A lot of stuff is given out of a loving heart, but we really don’t need/want it. Thanks for the reminder!

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