The Revenge of Unintended Consequences – Again

The theme for the next Challenge is “batik” so I thought I would unearth my Mosaic Tile top and quilt it. Then I thought, “Self, if you assemble the blocks from the last Progressive Project, which uses some batiks, and quilt both tops – they are small, after all – you could have two projects to show at the next Challenge meeting.” The prideful pull of being in the Over-achievers Club was too strong. I yanked the blocks out of the tote bag and put them on the design wall.

You may notice that the pieced blocks won’t go around the butterfly block in a calm and orderly fashion. For one thing, they aren’t the right size – which is my fault, since I gave the dimensions to the group. They would probably blend if I forced the issue, but I like the blocks as they are. I thought about using sashing, which reminded me that I bought a pile of batik fat quarters that would work well.

Then I remembered that I had put them away.

“But that’s good,” you say. “Just open the drawers and find them.” Well, first I have to get to the drawers. Was it Joe Cunningham whose lecture is called She Did the Best She Could with What She Had? In my case it should be called She Did the Best She Could with What She Could Reach.

At this point I could see the irony gods doing their in-your-face victory dance.

I shimmied around the boxes in front of the drawers and reached into the two I could open. The batiks had wadded themselves into the front corner, so I took out what I could and started auditioning.

These are the others that I could reach:

Sometimes my life is less about me and more about being a horrible object lesson for the benefit of others. This may be one of those times. Still, I will soldier on, and create my own in-your-face victory dance that I probably will never get to use against the irony gods but which will make me feel better knowing it exists.

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One Response to “The Revenge of Unintended Consequences – Again”

  1. quiltfever Says:

    I think you found enough to finish your lovely blocks so there is still hope for the over-achiever in you. Funny, I have just spent an hour looking for a piece of fabric I knew I had seen VERY recently. Aargh!

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