Favorite Things – A Short List

Here is a picture of the ruler that caused so much trouble last week:

It’s large enough to be useful without being unwieldy. Since its apparent disappearance caused me so much angst, I started thinking about other favorite things. Without meaning to sound like an informercial, I will start with chocolate:

I like dark chocolate, except when it comes to peanut butter cups. I don’t know what magic spells they use at the Reese’s factory, but it works for me. I’m also a sucker for cute little things, so the shaped peanut butter cups are impossible for me to pass. If they ever come out with a peanut butter groundhog my candy life will be complete.

I also like cute little notebooks:

I have dozens of them scattered around the house. Many of them are in the same pristine condition they were when I snatched them off the shelf and ran squealing to the cash register before someone else could buy them. It doesn’t matter, I’ll still buy more. It’s in my genes – my father could never pass up an interesting pen or notebook. His father couldn’t either (and yes, I’m using notebooks I inherited from them both).

Then there are the gadgets I get for free:


The quilt shop in town was handing these out, and I would be lost without it. I know, I could have bought a retractable tape measure, but I didn’t know I needed one until it was put in my hands.

Last on this list of favorite things is my new iron:

When I first started quilting, I found myself buying the least expensive tools to save more money for fabric. Sometimes that works, but not always, such as with my first iron. It was probably $9.99 at the big box store, and I suffered along with it for years. It finally died – around my birthday, as I recall – and I asked my husband to buy me a new iron as a gift. I knew he would buy something sturdy and well-made. He bought me a Black and Decker iron because he liked his own Black and Decker tools. Turns out he was right, so when the little workhorse he gave me went to that Great Sewing Room in the Sky, I replaced it with another Black and Decker. It may not be quilty, but I like it.

Now back to the regular program –




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5 Responses to “Favorite Things – A Short List”

  1. quiltfever Says:

    I’m right there with you on the notebooks, dark chocolate and Reece’s. But have you seen the Reece’s Dark Miniatures? If not, look for them. You will have an addition to your list! For a while my favorite dark was LIndt Intense Orange but now I favor the higher cocoa percentages.

    • Lani Longshore Says:

      Reece’s in dark? Oh, mercy, this is the best news I’ve had all day! I like chocolate and orange, too, and chocolate and mint (we have at least one bag of York peppermint patties in the freezer at all times). Lani

      Lani Longshore https://lanilongshore.wordpress.com Death By Chenille (www.smashwords.com) Broken Dishes Repertory Theatre (www.brokendishesrepertorytheatre.com)

  2. Ann Marie @ 16 Muddy Feet Says:

    I had a rowenta iron paid around $100 for it, it lasted about 10 years. Found a little travel black and decker at Good will for $2.95. I LOVE IT!!! Gets much hotter than the rowenta ever did, and it is much smaller to press the seams open when need be.

  3. TheaM Says:

    Hi Lani,
    this explains why we are such good friends for so long – our short lists are almost identical!

    I’m still partial to the Lindt dark chocolate orange truffles when I can get them… I’ll have to look for those dark ch Reese’s cups.

    Our local chocolateer (Sarri’s) had a fire in their factory and had to dump 20,ooo lbs of chocolate! They expect to be back up and running soon, but it was not a good start to the month!

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