Finis, Finally


The stadium coat is finished! I made the last of the panels to give structure to the bottom:

Then I tested them out:

The bottom doesn’t stand quite as tall as I would like, but at least it doesn’t collapse like soggy bread. Then I sewed on the strap:

I had planned to use a simple silvery-gray strapping that matched the waterproof fabric, but on one of the many trips to the store to pick up more supplies – which is what happens when you design as you sew – I found black and orange trims (the school colors) that were sturdy enough to do the job.

Now that this project is finished, I can get on with some of the other things that have been shoved aside. Most of these are writing projects, and the first is an anthology that the California Writers Club Tri-Valley Branch (aka Tri-Valley Writers) just published.

I chaired the anthology committee, so I am thrilled, excited, exhausted, delighted and dog-gone proud of the work everyone has done to make Voices of The Valley: First Press a reality. Tri-Valley Writers will dedicate our next meeting (January 21, 1:30-3 at Four Points by Sheraton, Pleasanton) to celebrating the authors published in the anthology. The official launch party is at Towne Center Books in Pleasanton, CA, on January 28 from 2-4. If you’re within driving distance, come on down and join in the celebrations.




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One Response to “Finis, Finally”

  1. quiltfever Says:

    Congratulations on the stadium bag finish. Love the perfect strap you stumbled on.

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