O! (pick your own holiday) Tree

The tree series is working its way closer to the top of the piles. I could say I deliberately chose to start the series during Christmas, inspired by the lovely tree my husband and daughter decorated. That would be a lie, but I could say it.

The truth is, I was programmed to do a tree series. My father loved taking pictures of trees. His mother could identify a tree by its bark. If I had more information about my family, I suspect I would find tree-huggers going back to the Druids.

Aside from my father’s photographs, I also have three other pieces of tree art and eight or nine live trees in the yard (depending on whether you call a lilac a tree or a bush). I also have a collection of tree fabric, so there is no end of inspiration. What has been calling to me most, however, is a three-dimensional tree.

I asked my good friend, writing buddy and sister fiber artist Paula Chinick to make some knitted trees for me. I gave her some rough dimensions, and told her she could use any yarn that spoke to her. I guess the yarn was chattering away, because she made me three delightful trees:


Triangle Tree


Can you see my shadow hand?


Nesting Tree

So, for all of you who make holiday quilts – Happy Chanukah, Happy Solstice, Merry Christmas, Happy Kwanzaa, Happy Boxing Day, Happy St. Stephen’s Day, Happy New Year, Joyous Ephiphany . . .


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