Today is Deviled Egg Day

I have no idea why today should be set aside for deviled eggs, but since I like them I’m going to make a couple. No one else in the family likes them, so I must take the opportunity to treat myself when it arises.

Despite the fact that yesterday was Halloween, I am still looking for a treat. The second anniversary of this blog is next week, and the sewing room is still a mess. I’ve found even keeping the ironing board clear of piles is as hard as keeping the credit card paid off when there are a dozen quilt stores within driving distance and new stuff arrives every day and there are sales and things . . . sorry, lost control for a minute there. Anyway, the sewing room project is definitely in the trick category.

Which is not to say that all my projects are giving me fits. I did manage to finish the chenille purse:

I decided to use two of my late father-in-law’s ties as handles. If my daughter likes the idea, I’ll also think about making purses from remnants of my late in-law’s clothes as well as using ties for handles.

This is what hides between the sewing table and the window

I still want to make a few more quilts from the clothes, but there will be plenty of scraps, not to mention fabrics that really won’t play nicely with each other. Perhaps we quilters should start telling our relatives to make sure their wardrobes are well-coordinated? And that they should only wear quilt-friendly fabrics?

Then there’s my Big Project.

My nephew plays college baseball in Oregon, and my sister-in-law thought there had to be a better way to keep warm in the stands than multiple coats and blankets. She’s been using a sleeping-bag, but it isn’t waterproof. She and I are designing a waterproof half-bag, half-poncho. I’ll be making a prototype first, so you’ll be seeing a lot of this project. I’d appreciate any rituals to appease the design gods.

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3 Responses to “Today is Deviled Egg Day”

  1. Violet Carr Moore Says:

    Hooray for deviled eggs and coordinated wardrobes!

  2. TheaM Says:

    Yum! I love deviled eggs… I make them with blue cheese dressing..
    as for the ‘uncoordinated clothes’ – maybe you just have not cut them up small enough yet! and, I’m willing to accept any silk neckties that you reject. Especially if they are red or yellow.

  3. quiltfever Says:

    Great idea asking our relatives to dress in coordinated cottons! They already think we’re crazy so nothing to lose.

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