This is my second favorite holiday of the year. I haven’t had a chance to be as outlandish as I’d like, not since the kids started making their own costumes. Still, I take opportunities to be crafty and creative as they arise – which is why my stash of Halloween fabric is as large as my stash of Christmas fabric.

I had a meeting here last week, which I decided was close enough to decorate the table for the holiday. My husband asked, with some trepidation in his voice, if this was going to be the extent of the transformation. I assured him the purple fuzzy bat didn’t have any friends lurking in the sewing room.

As to progress in the sewing room, well, I did manage to get a little more done on another project. This isn’t the big project I mentioned last week, only one of the little ones that I have to finish so I can clean off the cutting table for the big project. Here is the lining for a chenille purse:

This is one outer panel for the purse:

I’m making prototypes of purses for a possible pattern line. If that fails, I may copyright the previous sentence and sell it as a tongue-twister.




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One Response to “Halloween”

  1. Carol G Says:

    Love the orange feathers and black flowers. Your bat is so cute he’s not even creepy!

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