The calendar pages fly like the leaves

The scariest part about missing deadlines is the time compression. One minute it’s Monday morning, the next it’s Monday afternoon – of the following week. I’d complain that poltergeist are stealing my calendar pages, but then I’d have to bring in a conspiracy theory as to why the date on the newspaper confirms that time has passed without my noticing.

I did make progress on The Computer Ate My Homework series. They’re only lacking sleeves and labels, so they’re done enough to show you:

Bits rot, only the filename remains

Here is a detail showing some of the quilting, including my signature thistle:

Checks, balances and fairy charms

The embellishments don’t quite pop in this photo, but I did get to clean out some of my rescued jewelry collection.


Yes, technically the “net” is more lace, but it drapes better. That’s important, because the network is sometimes down. Don’t think about it too much.

Random tabs

The technopixie and his pet

Those little necklaces your kids picked up at the carnival make great leashes for computer bugs.

Mailer daemon

The dangly bits are strings of beads that I bought years ago.

The only reason I worked on these quilts is I needed to clear off the cutting table for a big project, and there isn’t one more free inch of floor space to sweep off smaller works-in-progress. I’m back to needing to complete projects just so I can figure out what it is I have to do. With any luck, this is only a minor setback in my quest to clean the sewing room.

Oh, stop laughing.





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One Response to “The calendar pages fly like the leaves”

  1. quiltfever Says:

    Cool to see the whole series in one post. The quilts and their names really showcase your imagination.

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