Ducks in a row

My mom arrives tonight for her annual visit. The house is as clean as it’s going to be (once I dump the dead flowers from the vase), her favorite breakfast cereal is in the cabinet, and her bed has clean sheets. Now I need to get as many projects up to the hand work stage as possible.

I’m hoping to get most of The Computer Ate My Homework series quilted. They’re very small, and I should be able to get most of them to the binding and embellishing stage today if I am diligent. Here is the last, Mailer Daemon:

I also made more progress on the tile quilt. This is the last of the four blocks:

They lived on the design wall for a couple of days like this:

Then I had an idea for a border:

My husband thinks it needs one more border, but he doesn’t want any of the fabrics I’ve already used. His idea may require another trip to the fabric store. Such a shame.

In the meantime, the Granny Smiths have been ripening:

I’ve been picking and processing fruit for nearly a month, but there are still more apples on the tree. One more duck to chase . . .

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One Response to “Ducks in a row”

  1. Carol G Says:

    Love your Mailer Daemon. He visits me often. Now I will have a visual to go with the text!

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