The fabric is winning

I used up one entire piece of fabric. The rest of the story is that it was one 6″ strip, which doesn’t really make a dent in the piles. Still, fabric used is better than fabric stored, and I made the top for Checks, Balances and Fairie Charms.

I intended to make the border entirely out of half-cathedral windows. I even revised the center section so my border could be designed with easy math. Then I decided to add an inner border, which is fine, but I made some of the outer border blocks before I remembered to check my math again. Since I am a lazy quilter, I decided it would take less time to revise the border than to redo the math. In any case, I like the way it turned out so that’s the end of the complaining for me (at least about this project).

For the record, the blue techno-print is the one that is entirely used up:

Next in line for The Computer Ate My Homework series is Careless Tabs. If you click on the Nonprinting Characters icon on the tool bar of your word processing program , you’ll see that a tab is represented by an arrow. I saw this fabric with arrows and knew that I had to use it somewhere in this series.

I’m not sure what the rest of the quilt will look like, since I have several stacks of background fabrics auditioning for a spot:

For one quilt . . .

. . . or another

As thrilled as I am to be churning out the tops for this series, I know eventually I will have to do the quilting and embellishing. Until that happens, I’ve merely moved fabric from one stack to another, with a little stitching in between. And that’s what the title of this week’s blog means – as hard as I’m working to use up stuff so I can clean up the studio, the fabric is still winnning.

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One Response to “The fabric is winning”

  1. Elaine Schmitz Says:

    Hope to see your collection of eclectic quilts in The San Jose Museum of Textiles one day. Keep on stitchin’

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