Unexpected Efficiency

Other obligations kept me out of the sewing room until Sunday. I dreaded going in and not being able to remember what I planned to do next, but an amazing thing happened – I got things done. In fact, I finished making kits for this week’s quilting class early. Then I attacked the technopixies series, and even got a start on the Progressive Party assignment.

I find this burst of efficiency terribly distracting. The last time I felt confident that I was on top of things I discovered I had let the car insurance come within 24 hours of lapsing. My Russian soul is shivering even as I write, waiting for the Golden Horde to come thundering over the steppe.

Still, I did manage to get a few things done and for now I’ll be happy. The first of the technopixie quilts is nearly to the quilting stage. I still have issues with his arms and hands, but I found a chain for his pet’s leash and I’m certain I can find other embellishments to disguise my drawing errors:

I also started on the next quilt in the series – Checks, Balances and Fairie Charms.

My first thought was to make a bunch of cathedral windows blocks, but after I put one side on I realized that a half-block would give me more design options:

I also found a bracelet that a friend bought me at a rummage sale for use as embellishments. If this isn’t a fairie charm, I don’t know what is:

There are still deadlines screaming for attention. No level of efficiency is high enough to counteract the effects of saying yes to too many projects. Nevertheless, I will try to enjoy this rare feeling of accomplishment . . . right after I double-check the bill pile.

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