Let the organizing begin . . .

My husband gave me new incentive to become tidy. He is building a workbench for his saws. The bench will have a wide, flat surface. If I promise not to colonize this space, he told me, I might be allowed to baste quilts on it.

The workbench in progress

For those of you who think basting quilts in a dusty garage isn’t the stuff of dreams, here is the surface on which I currently baste my quilts:

Yes, that is a dressmaker’s cardboard mat. I set it down on the family room carpet, use push-pins to secure the backing, then crawl around on my hands and knees to pin the three layers. It’s amusing for others to watch, especially when I try to get up again. My joints make noises resembling that of a popcorn bag in the microwave.

My husband also mentioned that the corner shelves he promised for the sewing room are getting closer to the top of the to-do list. This is the project he wanted to make out of recycled parts from a retired shelf unit.

I’d like to say the prospect of more storage space in the sewing room unleashed a whirlwind of organizing activity on my part. Ah, but you know that isn’t true, so why should I lie? I did, however, nibble away at the edges of some piles and discovered some new treasures. One is a wool applique that Lori Vogel made for me:

I still don’t have a brilliant idea for how to use it, but it’s pretty and I like it, so I thought I’d share. Enjoy.

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2 Responses to “Let the organizing begin . . .”

  1. Margaret Misegades Says:

    Ah, yes–I remember the crawling around on the floor bit, fastening the back with t-pins! You’re allowed to invite yourself to my house to use my tables any time.

  2. quiltfever Says:

    I still do floor basting and it gets harder every year. I just try to take lots of breaks. I know it will be delightful for you having a raised surface.

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