Surprise Endings

I woke up Tuesday morning with pieces that might be useful for my Challenge project. The meeting started at 10 am, and I am not a morning person. My best creative times don’t start until after brunch. Still, I padded to the sewing room and stared at the stuff on the design wall. A thought wiggled itself into a plan – I could take the embroidered portrait, put it in a frame, and call it done.

I found a frame that would work, sewed a border on the embroidered portrait, and tried to assemble the piece. The operative word here is tried. No matter what I did, it looked ghastly. Then the frame acquired a little chip, and I called it done.

Plan B – I put a border around the foot drawing and auditioned fabric to create some sort of collage effect. The first fabric looked like very old, very out-of-style wallpaper.

Plan C – I went with the wallpaper.

I have collections of small pictures which are hung in tight groupings, and that’s what this quilt is supposed to evoke. I finished in time for me to get to the meeting, so I’m happy enough. It wasn’t what I intended when I started the project, but that’s okay.

My son helped me get another project finished in an unintended way. He saw a little Halloween experiment that I made years ago, mostly inspired by these fabrics:

He said he liked it. I said I could quilt it for him. He said, “How about making a pillow case?” So I did:

The top was long enough but not wide enough, but I had other Halloween fabrics that worked. A medium strip down the back was sufficient, and now one more UFO is done.

I’m not counting how many are left to go.

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