Purple Alligators

I was digging through the piles and found some loose-weave white fabric. Just as I was about to bury it in another pile, I had a thought (always a dangerous thing). I could make another component of my self-portrait with feet.

Years ago I had another idea (I told you they were dangerous things) to create a line of purple work embroidery patterns. I even put together a “working on it” kit for sketches and notes:

I made a quilt with a few sample designs, then put that project aside. Self, I said to myself, now is the time to return to it. Since my sketching skills don’t extend to faces, I found a picture I can tolerate:

Actually, what I like most about this picture is the baby alligator. We had a family reunion in Florida, so of course we went to see the alligators. The petting zoo part was clearly intended for children, but I couldn’t wait to hold a baby alligator. They’re surprisingly soft, but unfortunately my little guy had the heft of a tote bag. I try not to think of that – perhaps my baby gator turned out to be so photogenic he’ll spend the rest of his life in front of the camera.

Anyway, the next step is the embroidery. I’ve almost got it finished:

I’m still not sure where or how or even if I’ll be using this block with the feet. Although the deadline is next Tuesday, I may be collecting pieces for the portrait for quite some time.

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One Response to “Purple Alligators”

  1. Carol G Says:

    Totally cool self portrait. I love it. You both have great smiles.

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