The Beading

I spent a lovely day beading Taj Mahal but couldn’t photograph the results to save my soul, even with my husband’s camera (and his help). Nevertheless, I’m going to show you the best pictures of the lot.

Most of the beads came from my collection, but some are new. I happened to be at my local craft store – looking for something else – and a few items leaped off the shelf into my shopping cart. Still, I managed to combine things I already had with the new things.

I put eight of these on the quilt, four on each side. The silver square is a slide for a bracelet. I added the loop of seed beads on each slide.

I made two of these bead strings for the top of the quilt. The top bead is a painted, wooden bead.  The crystals are out of focus, I know, but this is the best I could manage.

This combination is in the center of the quilt. It is made of two pendants linked by a seed bead loop.

Here I put together three buttons and a cell phone fob that I had made months ago. The buttons were on a card in the sale bin. They simply begged me to rescue them and do something clever. I hope they’re pleased with their new home.

I finished the quilt with a fringe of wooden beads and pink pony beads on a gold cord. These items all came from my collection. In fact, I think I wooden beads for a project for my daughter when she was in elementary school (she’s in graduate school now).

Taj Mahal will be hanging in the Amador Valley Quilt show next weekend. If someone else can get a decent picture of it, I’ll beg a copy and run it after the show.

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3 Responses to “The Beading”

  1. quiltfever Says:

    Thanks for all the detailed close-ups. I know from experience it is really hard to get these shots. I really like the edge fringe. Hope to see a whole quilt shot after the show.

  2. Thea Says:

    Thanks for posting your bead pics – I love how you combined your finds!

    wish I could be there for the quilt show…. oh how I miss AVQ!!!

  3. Beading Mom Says:

    Excellent post. Beading is a great hobby that my mom enjoys very much, she came across a new beading blog and she just fell in love with it. She recommends it to all her friends. Just wanted to share this with everyone that loves to bead. Once again thanks for sharing.

    Creek Corner – Crafts and Beading Hobbies

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